Unhappily Married Men Have a Lower Risk of Diabetes?

Research conducted at Michigan State University led by an associate sociology professor, Hui Liu has proven that older men in unhappy marriages are less likely to develop Diabetes. This research was conducted under the aim of linking marriage quality to a person’s health. Unhappily married old men despite having strenuous marriages, are far much luckier in this case compared to happily married old men. Even so, it doesn’t mean they’re safe from developing the disease and if this does happen, it’ll be later in life and they’re capable of handling the disease better.
Diabetes is a chronic disease which often develops in older men and women. As much as a rocky marriage can reduce the chances for the male partner to develop diabetes, it doesn’t apply for the female partner. The kind of life you live, your diet, lifestyle and old age are among the many causes of diabetes in elderly people. Diabetes needs constant and consistent monitoring and a nagging wife will be beneficial in boosting the husband’s health which might be the reason for this surprising finding.

How does this happen? Well a nagging wife will always be on your case about your health which in turn will challenge you as a man to take better care of yourself. This will have a positive effect on your health behavior which simply keeps you safe from the disease but your marriage will be drifting in the opposite direction. As for women, since they’re sensitive to negative marriage quality negatively, it won’t work for them. However, if the marriage is a happy one, then the chances of developing diabetes are lower.

In the year 2012 when the first research was carried out, 9.3% of the American population was diagnosed with diabetes. Most of the old aged American citizens (65+) are thought to have the disease since the prevalence of the disease is much higher constituting a percentage of 25.9 which is about 11.8 million people. Using information from National social life, health and aging project, out of the 1228 married men and women of 57-85 years old analyzed by Liu and his colleagues at the time of the first wave (2005/2006), 389 of them had diabetes at the time of the second wave (2010/2011).

A whining woman can be termed caring in this case since they’re always looking out for the best in their man’s health. Although most men will find this annoying and cause a strife in their marriage at the end of the day, they’ll be in good health.

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