K2 is The Synthetic Drug From Hell

New Yorkers continue to reminisce what was a particularly interesting scenario of drug abuse was gone bad. This was not the first time drugs were seen to have quite abnormal effects on its abusers, but it certainly came as a surprise to those who beheld the sight of the thirty three people who were close to succumbing to a K2 overdose. The common term used to refer to the drug is Synthetic Marijuana, with other street terms used for it being Spice, Ironic and Black Mamba. The drug is in itself capable of causing death, kidney failure, cardiovascular diseases and permanent brain damage. This could thus be described as a lucky night for the abusers as they were able to evade the oncoming death.
The particularly interesting saga commenced with thirty getting their dosage of the K2 drug from the same bad batch and what followed next was a scene to behold. Onlookers watched with terror as the victims experienced the short-term effects of the drug. The fact that 17 abusers were knocked out by the drug almost simultaneously came by surprise to many, whom were it not for the acquisition of the information regarding the behavior of the victims would have fled. It seemed like one of those horror movie scenes where some ground zero patients escape from their isolation zone and attempt to infect the healthy. Well, in this case, no one was getting infected but the victims put up a very dramatic scene as the drug took effect in their bodies.

The victims of the K2 overdose vomited foam down their shirts, urinated on themselves before finally breaking into a twitch that led to their passing out. Those who survived the passing out phase were seen wandering around, bumping into almost everything that stood on their way. Others were unable to get themselves from the ground, hence tried to rely on the support of fire hydrants to get to their feet.

According to the cops involved in helping the victims, the K2 overdose began taking a toll on them from around 9:40 a.m. Policemen were able to locate most of them in sidewalks and others were found in the subway platforms close to the Myrtle Avenue and Broadway, an area which ever since been termed as the “ground zero” for all synthetic Marijuana addicts. The police were able to locate all the victims who were then admitted in the Kickofff Heights Medical Center and the Woodhull Medical Center. The cops are quite hopeful that the patients will survive.

The popularity of the drug continues to skyrocket in the locality despite Mayor Bill de Blasio’s enactment of the laws meant to curb the consumption of the drug. According to the laws, one found in possession of the drugs is liable to a $5000 fine and a one-year jail term.

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